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Available Chair is a beauty industry lead generation app that keeps beauty industry professionals’ chairs full. This powerful tool allows clients to connect with available professionals immediately and get them in the chair in minutes.

Available now for iOS and Android Users.

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A simple, straightforward, solution to get people in your chair when you need it most.

By Pros, for Pros

Available Chair is a professional digital walk-in application designed by the top beauty industry professionals to increase your productivity, and find customers who need you the most. Let Available Chair do the heavy lifting, and get back to what you love.

Fast service

We promise to find customers a provider in three minutes or less! This means when you have an opening, Available Chair seeks to fill it. Stop worrying about loss of revenue when clients have to cancel, Available Chair is there when you need it.

Trusted reviews

Stand out against the crowd and build your credibility! Available Chair allows customers to leave reviews and pictures of your service, furthering your career and building a long, dependable clientele list.

Any service. Any industry. Anytime.

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Hair Stylists
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Make-up Artists
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Massage Therapists
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Nail & Spa Services
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Tattoo artists
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Twists & Braid Services

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By professionals, for professionals

When I began my career as a beauty professional, I asked the top professionals how I could grow my business. The answer I got repeatedly was to book yourself busy.

My real problem, however, was getting customers through the doors while I perfected my skills. I was constantly being pulled away from my chair to go out and recruit, only to lose customers to other professionals waiting around for new customers. I would hear, “I need a booking app” but what’s needed are customers in the first place!

AvailableChair is the answer to solving today’s beauty professionals’ marketing problems.

My hope is not only for you to build your clientele but to build a customer base in your community whenever you have an AvailableChair.

JB Gaines

Creator, Available Chair

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