About Available Chair

Available Chair is an app built on “digital walk-ins” where customers can view providers' available time and get in touch with them in three minutes or less.

This isn't booking a nail appointment weeks in advance or calling around town looking for someone to squeeze in a last-minute haircut. Available Chair lets providers offer their available time and shows that time to customers looking for walk-in service.

Available Chair is fast, easy, and efficient. It gives customers access to walk-in service and providers the ability to keep their chairs filled and build their client base. Available Chair’s process is the closest thing on the market to immediate service, which is good for customers needing to get a service quick and providers looking to maximize their time.

How can Available Chair benefit you? If you are a customer in search of immediate service, our web app gives you the ability to find providers without the hassle of calling around. If you are new to the beauty industry, we are a tool to publicize your open time and help build loyal clients. If you’ve been in this industry for a while, Available Chair lets you make up for last-minute canceled appointments and keep your chair filled. An app that can benefit anyone looking to make their life a whole lot easier!

We’re not a booking app, we’re faster! Available Chair streamlines the walk-in process to benefit providers and customers alike. Look great, feel great, be great. Pre-Register today!

User FAQs

What is Availablechair.com?

Available Chair is a barber and beauty web app that makes walk-in services faster and easier than ever. The app speeds up the walk-in process so clients can get the services they need ASAP and providers can keep their chairs full.

What can I do with Available Chair?

Available Chair is a web app that allows you to connect with local beauty service providers in your area and request walk-in service from them in 3 minutes or less. You can avoid appointments, find new providers in your area, and get last-minute services whenever you need them!

Where is the web app available?

The web app is currently available for users at availablechair.com

Can I find my personal barber or beauty provider on the web app?

Providers that have signed up for Available Chair and are in your area will appear in the web app. Ask your provider if they’re registered, and use the web app to search for their name.

What services can I find on the web app?

Available Chair allows you to request walk-ins for a variety of different services and professionals like:
Barbers • Salons • Estheticians • Nail Technicians • Braids, Locs, & Dreads • Tattoo and Piercing Artists • Masseuses • Makeup Artists • & More!

Can I see a provider's work before I request a digital walk-in?

Yes. Each provider’s profile features ratings and reviews, as well as a portfolio featuring pictures of their work.

Are prices on Available Chair competitive?

Yes, each provider determines their own individual prices on the app and the Available Chair team does not determine the costs of services. During certain promotional events for particular services, all discounted services will display the same price no matter which provider you choose. 

Is the Available Chair app available for download?

Available Chair is currently available for users as a web app at availablechair.com. The Google Play and App Store applications are for service providers only at this time.

Provider FAQs

What is Available Chair?

Available Chair is a mobile app and web app that allows customers to request walk-in services nearby and immediately connect with a provider. Available chair takes providers’ open time and creates filled chairs by giving clients the ability to quickly request a walk-in. This keeps providers’ chairs full and clients happy.

Is Available Chair a booking app?

Nope! The difference between a booking app and Available Chair is the way the timing works. The app shows customers available services in their area and allows walk-ins to happen immediately, no booking appointments are required. You can use Available Chair to market your current booking applications, too, not just to market your services.

Where Can I Download the App?

The Available Chair app is currently available for service providers only on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

What is a Digital Walk-In?

A Digital Walk-In is a walk-in service without the hassle of calling around or stopping by an establishment to see if you can squeeze in a service. Digital Walk-Ins are what Available Chair creates. When customers can immediately request service on a provider's open time and fill that opening, a digital walk-in is created. We expedite the walk-in process by making communication between clients and professionals fast and easier, by making it digital!

How is Available Chair different from booking apps?

Booking software is used to manage your schedule, Available Chair is used to maximize your open time as a provider. The app does not manage appointments, it allows customers to reach out to you and request your available time.

Do I need a license to post my services on Available Chair?

Yes, you must show proof of a valid state ID and valid workers license to use Available Chair as a provider. Your name must match on both documents and be specific to the service you are signing up to provide.

Can work out of my home?

No, not unless your home is a licensed location. Unlike other platforms, you can only work from state-approved locations (shops, suites, clinics, etc.) If you are in a suite or home, you must show a valid shop license to use that location. Available Chair is all about convenience, but we also care about safety, which is why we verify locations for each provider.

Why should I download Available Chair?

Available Chair fills your vacancies so that you can build your client base and grow your business. With Available Chair, your open time becomes walk-ins, no more waiting around between appointments.

Is Available Chair easy to use?

Yes! The app is designed to be easy for customers and providers to use. Our app shows customers the services they are looking for, available providers, and connects providers with the customers immediately. The app's primary goal is to make taking walk-ins easier and faster for clients and providers alike, no waiting in lines or calling around required.

Is Available Chair in my city?

Right now we are working on expanding our reach. If you are a provider or customer who would like to see Available Chair in your city, leave an email and tell us where you are!

Is Available Chair free?

Yes! Available Chair is free for all service providers.

Can I run specials on Available Chair?

Yes! Because our platform is open for any customer or provider to search, you can see the prices of other professionals in your area. This means you can stay in the loop with current pricing in your area, stay competitive in your industry, and adjust prices according to demand.

What happens if I move locations?

Available Chair is built on flexibility, so when you move, we move with you. Once you move, simply update your location in the app and Available Chair will adjust to show your available services to people in your new area.

How does Available Chair help me find customers?

The customers come to you, the provider. Customers can see services and providers in their area and the available time they have. When they find the service they are looking for, they can request a provider’s services immediately. Providers get a notification when their services have been requested and have three minutes to accept or deny the requested walk-in. Once the request is accepted by the provider, they are able to immediately contact the customer and confirm the walk-in appointment. If the request is denied or not responded to within three minutes, customers are notified and can move on to request another provider in their area.

Join our community of beauty professionals creating digital walk-ins and start maximizing your time with Available Chair!